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Lords of Waterdeep (Spiel)
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Lords of Waterdeep(tm) is a game of intrigue, shifting resources, and secretive schemes in the most fantastic metropolis of the Forgotten Realms(r). The powerful lords of the city contend for control of Waterdeep, the City of Splendors. Behind the gleaming facade of tall buildings and winding streets, dark intrigues and shady back-alley dealings play out, leaving the city´s treasures and resources ripe for plunder. In this fast-paced game of constantly changing fortunes, you take on the role of a Lord of Waterdeep. Through your Agents, you recruit Adventurers ana send tnem on Quest designed to win favor and spread your influence throughout the city. Expand your treasury, purchase Buildings, assign Agents-choose your actions wisely and you can become the supreme Lord of Waterdeep!

Anbieter: buecher.de
Stand: 19.09.2019
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